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New year, new news

Updated: Feb 1

A happy 2022 to everyone! The new year has already got off to a promising start with approvals in on several small projects, which are now ready to take to the next stage.

  • Building Warrant has been granted for a garage conversion in Eskbank, Midlothian. This project will transform an underused integral garage in a new-build property into a bright and spacious living area, giving a young family extra space to grow and play.

  • East Lothian Council have approved our planning application for an attic conversion with new rooflights to a modern cottage in the Conservation Area village of Spott, adding a spacious new bedroom with panoramic views out across the countryside.

  • Also in East Lothian, Building Warrant has been granted for a replacement porch within a distinctive 1960s residential estate in the seaside town of Gullane, giving my client a smart new front entrance and extra space for her dogs and outdoor gear.

All of these projects benefited from Neil Lambert Architect's extensive experience navigating the Planning and Building Standards systems and my thorough knowledge of the regulatory and policy context for building projects. If you're planning something similar and would like some advice, please do get in touch - I'd be very happy to hear from you.

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